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Our Story

How it all began.....

Needing to purchase an equestrian theme gift, I spent hours searching for the perfect present, but nothing appealed to me. I was at a loss! Having always admired alphabet photography (the art of photographing objects that resemble the letters of the alphabet), it occurred to me I could create a totally original gift by selecting and photographing suitable equestrian items and use the photographs to spell out the recipient's name. With camera in hand it wasn't long before I surpassed the original eight letters needed and had produced the entire alphabet. Hanrose 'Photoart' was born.

The 'Original Equestrian Alphabet' fashioned through photographs enables you to spell a name, phrase, word or simply an initial. Peruse our vast choice of letters and create your individual photo art. All of our finished products come professionally mounted with a choice of frames carefully selected to complement the black and white photograph(s).

Hanrose 'Photoart' are unique, personalized  pieces providing that perfect gift for someone special, or indeed, yourself!

Ever evolving, Hanrose also incorporates other gift ideas too; each with a different twist, but the equestrian theme will never be lost.

Our 'Quote Posters' are fantastic gifts for the designer loving equestrian! And brighten up any tackroom wall. Being so popular we made some of them into cards. They are are left blank for any occasion and look great framed too.

Hand poured soy wax candles & melts have been the latest edition to the Hanrose collections, each scent smells divine and there is something for everyone, whether you like sweet, fresh or fruity scents.

Also for the last 2 years we have created a range of Christmas decorations from donkey to dressage horse! And this years collection is simply magical.

We are very proud to have also produced the Willberry decorations In 2015 & 2016 for the Hannah's Willberry Wonder Pony charity. Every penny of profit went to the charity and so many of you have supported this by purchasing these Christmas decorations. Thank you.

Love Hanrose X