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Hanrose have created a range of handmade soy candles to delight your senses! Each scent specifically chosen to awaken a memory, place or feeling. Simply light one of our candles, close your eyes & it will take you there!

Our candles are handmade from natural soy and infused with exquisite fragrance oils, all hand poured in England.

If you would like our candles as FAVOURS at your WEDDING, BABY SHOWER or PARTY please contact via email and we can let you know of the great deals we offer for larger orders.

Peruse our selection, If you find it simply too difficult to choose, 8 candle tins cost the same as one to send!

Each candle comes in a 100g tin, giving you up to 25 hours of clean burn time.

All our candles are CLP compliant

Why soy? Soy is a naturally sustainable vegetable product, which produces a longer cleaner burn than paraffin candles. Soy contains no parabens and releases no carcinogens when burning, so we say...'Why not soy!'